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Hi I'm Emily!

I'm a clinical nutritionist with an integrative & functional approach.

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About Nutrition
with Emily

Nutrition with Emily is a virtual practice located outside of Boston. Our practice is unique in that we use a holistic lens to see the whole picture instead of focusing in on an isolated set of symptoms. We factor in everything going on in your life (sleep, stress, family history, diet, movement and more) to give you the best possible care. 

We do not believe in fad dieting, and instead, practice mindful and intuitive eating strategies to help you create sustainable change. 

We specialize in women's health including support with fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. We can also help support food sensitivities, gastrointestinal disorders, and hormone balancing.

We believe the key to a successful relationship is a collaborative partnership. We will work together to come up with a plan of care that best suits your lifestyle. We would be honored to work with you and help you achieve optimal health. Please reach out for a free discovery call to find out see if we'd be a good match. 



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Nutrition Counseling- Individual Appointments (virtual)

Initial Consultations (90 mins):  As a new client, your first session will be an initial consultation where we will conduct a full assessment of your current health status and your nutritional needs.  $150

Follow-up Consultations (60 mins): All sessions after your initial meeting will be follow-ups where we will discuss interventions and protocols to achieve your health goals. $75

30-minute follow-ups. (30 mins): Brief follow-up consults to discuss 1-2 nutrition interventions. $37.5

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Nutrition Counseling- Package Deals (virtual)

Jump-start Package: This  package consists of one initial consultation + 3 (1 hour) follow-ups or 6 (30 minute) follow-ups.  $337.50 (10% off)

Health & Wellness Package: This package consists of one initial consultation + 6 (1 hour)follow-ups or 12 (30 minute follow-ups). $510 (15% off)

Complete rejuvenation Package: This package consists of one initial consultation + 12 (1 hour) follow-ups or 24 (30 minute) follow-ups.$840 (20% off)

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Educational Workshops & Grocery Store Tours (in the Boston area)

Community workshops: We offer workshops throughout the community on topics including: mindful eating, preconception nutrition, prenatal & postpartum nutriton, and gut health.  $150-$300.

Pre-school menu assessment & nutrition lessons: We offer a full menu assessment with recommendations as well as nutrition education classes to students and parents. $150-$300

Grocery Store Tours: We  offer grocery store tours where we will meet you at your store of choice and help stock your cart with nutrient-dense essentials. $100


I own a preschool with 200 children and we provide all food daily - lunch and 3 snacks.  We are committed to offering nutritious, balanced meals for the children.  Emily has been terrific to work with! She carefully analyzed our menus and provided great advice for healthier alternatives, ingredients to omit, and food pairings to watch for - and we’ve been enable to implement her solutions.  Invaluable input! Thank you, Emily."

—  Rachel, Owner of preschool